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Our differentiation

Solutions. Systems. Success

Today's IT landscape in major corporations often have enormous amount of data to deal with. Making sense of data to drive key business results is a huge challenge. DCT's solutions approach focuses on all the three major components of any business enterprise - Business Processes, People and Systems. Solutions addressing specific business objectives, one at a time, will bring in immediate benefits to the business.

Client first - value driven

Our approach is value-driven. We would like to outline the value of our engagement upfront and set clear goals to meet our clients' specific needs. Our delivery model brings immediate measurable benefits to businesses with clear exit strategy.

Business acumen and technology expertise

We leverage our core competencies - business acumen and technology expertise - in the ETRM and ERP domains we operate in. DCT's focus will remain helping energy companies attain efficiency and profitability.

Leadership & innovation

DCT is committed to respond to business changes using innovative solutions in the ETRM/ERP domain. To this, we focus on our employee development to stimulate growth and innovation within our organization, and bring value to our clients.

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