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ETRM Systems are the heart of the mission critical trading operations of Energy Companies. DCT aims to help its clients with disruption free ETRM systems and processes, so that the clients can focus on their core business functions. ETRMCare is a comprehensive support services program offered by DCT that encompasses both business processes, and systems support and maintenance.


The DCT Advantage

Dedicated Team of Experienced ETRM Professionals
Deep expertise in major ETRM Vendor Solutions
Demonstrated Capabilityin supporting mission critical trading applications
Proven track recordof modernizing system landscapes
Rich experience in system integration and product implementation

Technical Support

ETRM applications production support- all major vendor systems including AllegroSungard, Openlink etc.
Maintenance and enhancements
Nightly process - EOD, price/trade imports
Data warehouse and reporting

Business Support (Front, Mid & Back Offices)

Daily Price upload processes
EOD valuations
VaR calculations
Position reporting
Asset valuation
System configuration to meet business changes

The Benefits of ETRM Care

The key to profitability of Energy trading begins with a solid technology landscape that supports repeatable business processes accurately. Here are some of the benefits of ETRM Care

Technology alone cannot solve business problems, but it is the knack of laying the business process over technology that makes technology work for the business. DCT brings quantum of experience in the ETRM business domain to support systems.
We can employ an onsite/offsite model to improve customer service and reduce costs, depending on your requirements.
The SLA helps clients to assess the system impacts to their business functions and bottom-line. this helps improve the systems landscape to business requirements and enables companies focus on their core business functions.
Depending on your requirements, we can handle upgrades and enhancements to ETRM systems.
We can support systems over the cloud and can support business continuity and disaster recovery efforts.

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