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Commodity trading organizations are highly data-driven. Timeliness, accurateness and completeness of these data are quintessential to the extremely volatile trading business. Disparate sources and types of data along with positions maintained in spreadsheets pose major problems for consolidated analysis and reporting. Traders and Risk analysts loose valuable insights due to lack of integration of data from all the sources.DCT's data analytics services help trading organizations meet these challenges by building data warehouses and provide you with visualization capabilities that can greatly improve your profitability using KPIs, metrics and dashboards. DCT can help transform your organization's decision-making process to insight-driven.



Disparate sources of data
Format of data inconsistent
Integration of unstructured data
Consolidated reporting of trades and positions from legacy systems
Data maintained in Spreadsheets
Lack of analytical tools to provide valuable insights KPIs


DCT's Architecture for Data Analytics



The DCT Advantage

Dedicated team of experienced professionals in data analytics
Quantum of experience in ETRM business domain
Profound capabilities in quantitative risk analysis
Technology Expertise Informatica, SSIS, SSAS, Tableue
Rich experience in systems integration and datawarehouse implementation

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