In this current global economic conditions, trading organizations focus highly on improving their front-to-back business processes to accurately measure their risks to swiftly navigate the market challenges. Operational excellence in this area is quintessential as Energy companies continue to look to consolidate merged assets, reduce cost, and eliminate process defects. Software systems play a huge role in this endeavor.

Energy & Utilities (E&U) and Oil & Gas (O&G) industries face ongoing need to manage complex assets, highly trained staff and constantly changing processes. They are required to leverage existing IT systems and attain efficiency in a quick timeframe.

DCT aims to help companies gain competitive advantage and attain agility in the Energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems area. It combines its deep business domain knowledge, superior technology expertise, and excellent process improvement and analytic modeling capabilities to identify the right processes, people and solutions to its clients. DCT’s delivery framework ensures high ROI through cost efficiency.

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